Powerleveling for 200+

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* All power-levelers assigned are from NA and the services provided are all done by hand with no chance of account ban.
* Highest rated and most vouched seller on the site to guarantee safety of your account. 5000+ completed orders.

The service will boost your character from level 200+ up to 220.
200~210 = $12.50 per level (Order 1 qty for each level)
210~220 = $25 per level (Order 2 qty for each level)
Available in non reboot servers: Aurora Bera Elysium Scania

*Requirements: 1.5m range, important boost nodes maxed/close to maxed, 5-10k nx for 2x card (depending on how many levels you need)*

200-220 Bundle: $450 [Order 36 qty]
includes 5th job advancement + VJ + Chuchu prequest
V-matrix configuration (will provide 2000 nodes)
Gearing up to the required damage
NX / mesos provided for the required EXP coupons etc

There is a low-rated sketchy seller with a similar post that copied my text. I'm not affiliated with this person in any way. If you do purchase his service, it will be at your own risk.

Product Specifics

Server Bera
Account Ban/Loss Protection Full Refund

Regular Price: $12.50

Special Price $12.49

In stock

Stock Available: 927
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