Identity Verification Policy

Why does PixelMarket offer the chance to verify your identity?

PixelMarket's sole purpose is to create a better, more secure, online marketplace for individuals involved in the sale and purchase of online (virtual) items and services. We also understand the importance of anonymity and what it means to the future of the online world.

Unfortunately, there are people out there whose only reason for being involved in these communities is to bring harm upon others by attempting to or successfully committing fraud or stealing money. In order to help create a safer environment, we urge users to verify their identities on PixelMarket to ensure an even safer online marketplace for all users. It helps prevent attempts at fraud, as well as increases our trustworthiness as a business with payment gateways such as PayPal.

How do I verify

Simple. You can get submit an application to become verified in less than five minutes. To do so, you simply fill out a form with the required information, input your first and last name into your PixelMarket account, and upload a picture of a valid government-issued ID card along with additional information we require.

To verify your identity now click here.

What happens if I'm unable to pass verification?

If you do not pass the verification application process, we will take no further action against you or your account unless something with the information you provided to us raises a red flag. For example, if the name given was previously used to commit fraud against us or another associated entity.

Why should I verifiy my identity as a buyer?

Buyers are encouraged to verify their identity because it can help speed refund requests, as well as automatically boosts them to a tier 2 buyer. Tier 2 buyers, called Professional, receive discounted fees on all purchases. To learn more, and the exact discounts, please click here. Verified buyers will also receive a green verified icon next to their username on their profiles.

Why should I verifiy my identity as a seller?

Sellers are encouraged to verify their identity to help market themselves to potential buyers as more trusted members of PixelMarket. Sellers who verify can also benefit by receiving faster processing of their payments, as well as speedier resolution times of potential disputes and issues with sales.

Is my information safe?

We know many users are weary about submitting sensitive information online nowadays. Which is why we take extra precautions when you submit your information to us. Information, such as your first and last name, that is saved within your account cannot be seen by anyone and is not reflected anywhere on the site. The information sent and uploaded to us, is encrypted and can only be viewed by appropriate team members who have the required permissions. The information is saved in a secure database and a secure email account. We do not send or provide any third parties with your information.

What are the requirements to become verified?

In order to become verified, you must provide us with accurate information. This includes your first and last name, date of birth and photo evidence of a valid government-issued ID card.

A valid government-issued ID card can include a passport, drivers license or National ID card.

An ID card must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be valid (not expired).
  2. Must include photo of yourself, signature, full name, date of birth and country/state of residence.
  3. Do not crop, adjust colors, or alter the ID or image in any way.
  4. Must be in English or of English character set (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian).
  5. Name on ID must match the information submitted in your Account, as well as on the form.

Processing time of verification applications can take 2-3 days to process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a ticket or email