Step 1. Make sure you're registered on the site.

Step 2. Navigate to a category that interests you.

Step 3. Add to your cart if you wish to continue shopping, or choose Buy Now to go right to checkout.
You can only add items to your cart that are from the same seller.
Step 4. Follow the steps for checkout. These include choosing payment type and then placing order.

Step 5. Wait for your seller to contact you, or initiate a conversation yourself.
You can chat a seller by clicking "Chat Now" on their item page:

Or you can chat by clicking "Chat Now" on their shop page:

Step 6. Complete the transaction with the seller.

Step 7. Wait for seller to confirm delivery/completion of transaction. An email will then be sent to you as a reminder to confirm.
Step 8. Confirm the success of the transaction by clicking the "Confirm" button in your Account Dashboard's order table.

Step 9. Leave feedback for the seller. Accessible on their shop page.