MapleStory has a long history of being easily exploited for real life gain (profit). There have been countless dupes and exploits, both public and private, that have dealt a great blow to the game's economy. From meso exploits to typical item duping to item generating exploits, there's seemingly no end to what can't be exploited in this game. This results in the game being very dangerous to make real life currency purchases in, because there's no telling what Nexon will or will not rollback or delete from the game at any point. Due to it being impossible to often tell what exactly has been created as a result of an exploit, or what has been duped, it's wise to use caution and conduct research prior to making a purchase of something "godly" or something that at one point was considered "rare".

Research can include checking other sites known for allowing the listing of virtual items, and seeing if multiple people are selling exact copies of specific items.

PixelMarket does not offer direct refunds as a result of things being deleted after a purchase, due to the impossible nature of being able to tell what is legit and what isn't in this game. You must also remember that buying these things on a site like PixelMarket is a direct breach of their Terms of Service, which can also result in deletion or wiping of accounts and items. If you wish to get some or all of your money back, you must directly contact the seller and attempt to request a refund. Then, and only then, will we consider offering a refund as a result of item or account wipes.

It is impossible to 100% guarantee the safety of any account trade. If the original owner of the account has the original email, they can take the account back at any time. If you are purchasing an account, be sure to get all known information about the account, as well as the current email attached. You should immediately change all of this information upon receiving the account, including the email and the email's password. You should also check for any recovery phone number or email for the obtained email and remove or change these. Please read the MapleStory accounts Terms of Service that you must agree to at checkout: Click here.

IGN trades have become less risky due to MapleStory's slow decline in player activity. This means that IGN snipers (people who use bots to repeatedly look for and create characters with currently used IGNs) are few and far in between. However, this does not mean they do not still exist, especially for rare and original IGNs. The safest way to complete an IGN trade is via account trade. The seller can place the IGN on a new/empty account and pass you the info so that you can transfer it yourself whenever you feel is the best time.

When is the best time?
The best time to transfer IGNs (whether you're doing it yourself, or the seller is "dropping" or deleting the IGN to pass to you) is directly after a maintenance or patch with after a patch being the safest. You should also not conduct the transfer of an IGN directly after it's purchased. You should request the seller to disable to delete the listing of the IGN so that people do not see that it has been purchased. You should then wait a day or so, or until after a maintenance or patch to transfer. If you want to be 100% safe, waiting until after a major patch is ideal. Dynamic-updating "clientless" bots, which are typically used for sniping IGNs, are not stopped by maintenances or "mini-patches", whereas after major patches they must be updated. [Mini-patches include patches that increase the version of the game by decimal places, e.g. 180.1 > 180.2] [Major patches include patches that increase the version of the game by a whole number, e.g. 180.x > 181.1]