⭐️140-200⭐️ Powerleveling

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Seller Notes

The best way to powerlevel your character is through the BBean's Powerleveling Service.

By ordering this job, you will get:

✅The character you want from lvl 140 to 200;
✅A greater legion for your acc;
✅Main equipments (lvl 140 set) with Star Force for a faster Legion Coin collection;
✅Early bosses (Zakum, Normal Horntail, Hilla and Easy Magnus) free runs for accessories;
✅100% handmade service.

Contact me through PixelMarket chat or disc.

Deadline: approximately 8 hours per character.


✅I ALWAYS log in with "Invisible Login" on
✅The service's price is per character.
✅Contact me before order the job.
✅Info accs is necessary.

Product Specifics

Server Reboot NA
Account Ban/Loss Protection Full Refund

In stock

Stock Available: 400
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  • Have there been any recent exploits (currency exploits, dupes, etc)?

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