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Seller Notes

Guaranteed rate policy: we will take your best Battle Analysis (BA) and use it as hour standard hourly rate

✔ Extra Safety: Work is done by in-house grinders while being monitored by managers 24/7
✔ All payments are due before we work
✔ All grinding is done by hand with your assigned grinder (we can provide personal ID of your grinder upon request)
✔ All grinding processes are live streamed 100% of the time in your private channel
✔ Free assistant in helping to prep WAPs/Meso/Drop gears
✔ Flexible schedule and can be adjusted to client’s time
✔ VPN use is available as requested

Our Pricing:

Hourly Grind ($4 / hour)
discounted to ($3.5/hour) if you order 50+ hours
Legion Grind
10-140 = $17
140-200 = $40
200-210 = $40

All Dailies, Prequests, and Weeklies and charged by the hourly ratess.

✨Please chat with me either on Pixel or Dis for server invite and get started on service! ✨

Product Specifics

Server Reboot NA
Service Type Other

In stock

Stock Available: 999
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