Reboot Heroic Kronos Carries | Reboot Heroic Hyperion Carries | Hard Lucid | Max Droprate | Legitimate Clears | NA Reboot | Full Loot | Look below for Instructions |

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Seller Notes

Mechanics will be taught for NA Reboot Heroic Kronos and NA Reboot Heroic Hyperion Hard Lucid carries. We will be in a voice call with clear shot-calling during the run, with a consistent 8-minute clear each time. Please let vm0351 know on Discor.d for scheduling in advance.

Add vm0351 on Discor.d to get started!

Boss carries will be carried on max droprate characters, and with mechanics explained beforehand. If the boss has a loot room, max drop rate gear will always be equipped at the end of the kill at loot room. I have full drop gear with double lines (360%) and drop rate inner ability (20%), as well as drop familiar and holy symbol (100%+24%), and drop coupon (50%), 20% from WAP (Wealth Acquisition Potion) as well as a base rate of (100%).

This is a total maximum drop rate of up to 674%.

All drops obtainable :
1) Arcane Weapon
2) Arcane Glove
3) Arcane Shoes
4) Arcane Cape
5) Lucidroid
6) Dreamy Belt
7) 0-4 Soul Shards
8) 3 Lucid Droplets

Hard Lucid - $24.99

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Server Reboot NA
Service Type Bossing

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