S>Serious Farming service. broken9. 5 years of experience. For serious / high profiles

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Hiyo. welcome! Its BROKEN9 speaking, here you will find everything you need to know about MS EXP / MESO SERVICE( both Reboot + REG ). check out my other shop thank you
IM young, dumb and broke . but i HAVE TIME
YOU are mature, rich and free. but you NEED TIME.

----------- LET ME help you with that.

I offer meso / EXP farming service,i can push your main to 285/ 290 with you . 100% legit , no 3rd party program , no auto software , no spanish keyweight , ..etc. I will do everything by hand. DONT LET YOUR MVP RED COUPONS DIE OUT .

Reminder : ALWAYS triple check with me , DM me on pixelmarket as well to make sure 100% that you are talking to me.

- How and what i do :
1: i will log in to your game
2: i will farm on any char you request

- MESO / EXP RATES : normally, best way to farm meso right now is using shadower. but i understand that not all of you want to make a shadower, thats why i can farm on your main as well. rate depends on your resources ( meso / drop gears / min max stuff / SAC ... ).

i can do BA / stream test for you, its FREE

- My Schedule : 100% free . BUT please contact me so we can set an appointment and talk , currently i have lots of both (long term) buyers and (on and off) buyers.
- NEWS : My schedule now is very much open, i expand my business. Now i can push 8-20hrs a day to help you hit 285 / 295+.

- ADD ME ON DC. MY DC IS MY NAME ====> broken9 <======

- Can stream / voice chat . both ingame and irl ( using my phone to stream myself using keyboard to ensure 100% legit hand service )

1 hours = 5$ / h
i can farm as much as you want everyday

Discount for long term buyer / bulk. DM me

- broken9
Check the right side to see my Completed Orders :)
Verified seller. Veteran seller. - please make sure to send me a message <3
*** About Me***

- i farm for many end game players in reboot 285+ , many top 30+ in their respective classes, i push lots of player to 275 + . im a end game player myself. i understand and keep up with the meta
- i know the drill. your info will be 100% safe . i farm for lots of cutie in top 30 G in reboot, 100% safe and sound.
- you are extremely high profile and want to have a serious service ? Try me out, everything is free till you OK about the service.

- im trying to do this my way, im extremely serious about your info / avatar, since im a endgame player myself, i understand the endgame thingy behind the scene with all the end game G and stuff like that. I will take your avatar extremely serious while trying to protect your avatar as much as i can.

- if you are looking for someone that can help you push 285+, push your 2nd 3rd 4th main to 255 / 275 for lib , you can try me out . i did this for lots of player already.

- everything is handmade, i take pride in my work, i play MS myself on the same pc, i onl while farming so you can check / ask me to stream ( or w/e ).

- i know the game and easy to work with, just talk to me about anything that you need.

- I reinstall my window every 1-2 months. I PLAY MY MAIN ON THE SAME PC EVERYDAY.

- This is why im doing things abit different, ofc i want money ( well, young and broke Sadge ). But i take pride in my service, 100% handmade and extremely careful about your info / fame

- My Schedule right now is open O.O I got lots of long term buyers / seasonal buyers so you will need to communicate with me. do not fear, just add me, my info is on the right, we talk and i will help you with everything you need

- If you are new to my service and want to start buying, DO NOT BE AFRAID. just add me - **broken9** -
- Im a human i need to sleep to ( Sadge ) xD
- I am not associated with anyone else and never will be.


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Server Reboot NA
Service Type Other

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