[Scania] 4.3k Legion Stripped Account

Seller Notes

Level 230 Wind Archer - $300+ Royals, Semi-godly Emblem
Level 216 Dual Blade - Godly Emblem, L/L Katara
Level 213 Dawn Warrior - $100+ Royals, Godly Emblem, Transposed SW gloves, Primed SW Tattoo, Primed L/L Titanium Heart

The account also has over $2000 in USED perms, all on the Dawn Warrior, Wind Archer, and Cygnus Knight cash shop
Will provide screenshots upon request, contact me on Discord for more information: michael#6957
The price is negotiable

Product Specifics

Original Email Provided Yes
Server Scania

Availability: In stock

Unable to be purchased.
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