[Reboot]Lv 243 34K IL

Seller Notes

range + gear + details:https://imgur.com/a/PlIP6g9
On Rank,Never banned,The original mailbox can be provided.
Add me on discord for more information
There are the following in the account
-Lv243 Main IL with 34k stat 1030AF
-Max Level of almost V skill except V3
-More than70 Winter Buff each of
-Good flames on everything
-21 star Cra TOP,21 star Cra BOTTOM
-17 star all gear
-160% drop rate gear with 100% meso rate gear
-53 Arcane droplet and 24 Lucid Droplet
-Level 3 Posion pot
-All perquest done
-A LOT OF chairs
-A LOT OF Hair and Face
-A LOT OF Cash Item
-Two magnificent soul
You can see more details about this account in the picture.
If purchase IL.I will give u 230 kanna for free.

Product Specifics

Original Email Provided Yes
Server Reboot NA

Regular Price: $650.00

Special Price $600.00

Availability: In stock

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