Mybckn Mesos

Seller Notes

Selling mesos in server Luna GMS & Fast Delivery

Discord Fedorq#2053.

Taxes is 100% covered.

> HOW TO BUY (Short example) =

If you need 10B, you have to select QTY= 10, if you need 35B, u must select QTY=35. The same for any amount desired.

> How to get your mesos =

1. Delivery within 10 mins.
2. Its important for you to know, there is some hours that i might not be avaible to deliver the mesos, it can take me from 5 mins up to 24 hours to deliver you ( mostly its just 5mins to 2 hours, but just in case i take this period for my safety)
2. If you feel hurry and need mesos asap, i suggest you BEFORE SENDING PAYMENT, to send me a PM to verify in advance if im avaible in that moment, otherwise, you know already my delivery times.
3. Once you complete the payment, be free to send me a PM to make the transaction, you can also send me a msg on discord Fedorq#2053.

Thats it :D

Product Specifics

Meso Amount 1b
Tax Covered Yes
Server Aurora

Low stock

Stock Available: 1
You can only buy 5 or more of this item.
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