$11.00/B MapleRoyals Mesos

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This listing is for 4 bil (min. purchase) MapleRoyals mesos in the form of item(s) of my choice. Value of items will be checked around the time trade is done. Tax is calculated for and covered for on my end as well when I value the goods given to you. I will help guide you on what to do and support you with any questions you might have prior to and after the sale is done as well. Contact me on PixelMarket chat any time or my Disc, which is found under my PixelMarket username [press the eye icon to reveal].

Whether if you're looking for a small boost to your character or if you're looking to super fund your character, my listing can help you achieve your goals at the best market price!
Trusted & Verified! Get the lowest priced MapleRoyals mesos with the safest service!

By purchasing from my listing you agree that:
1.) Bans, although minimized to the lowest chance possible, are possible still as it can't be 100% prevented.
2.) These are one-way only trades. Meaning there are no refunds for completed orders unless something on my end goes wrong.
3.) The items I give are my choice. You can make request for specific items but there is no guarantee I will fulfill it. I will give you anything from APRs to Onyx Apples, it will always be items you can sell quickly and easily.

Product Specifics

Meso Increment Per 1b
Tax Covered Yes
Server Private Server

Regular Price: $12.00

Special Price $11.00

In stock

Stock Available: 96651
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  • Has the developer been issuing ban waves lately?
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