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Mercury - 1 Month [MapleRoyals]

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Seller Notes

A hacking bot for MapleRoyals (v83 MapleStory).

You can use this product on two PC/VM. You can purchase extra slots for 5$/month.

After the payment contact me with your order ID.

Note: Purchase is per person, you are not allowed to share your Mercury account details. Doing so will get your service closed.

Listed features:
- Auto HP/MP/Attack/Loot.
- Automatic item purchase for any merchant in game, including fast travel tickets.
- Automatic inventory seller (Packet based so it doesn't use mouse clicks).
- Inventory sell whitelisting (Block invetory seller from selling items with certain itemID and stats).
- Automatic job for 1st and 2nd job.
- Automatic Level rusher (Switch leveling spots based on your level)
- Automatic Skill Point Assign.
- Automatic meso transfer.
- Fully fledged packet editor with packet blocking!
- Auto Buff.
- Basic hacks for botting.
- Item filter and mob filter.
- Packet based autologin.
- Auto AP.
- Evade functions (Auto CC/CS/Terminate) on various instances such as on person entering a map/timed or after level.
- Channel blacklisting.
- IGN whitelisting (Allow your bots to travel through your map without activating evade functions).
- Map rusher. Including continental rushing, rush from almost any location to anywhere you want. Requires fast travel ticket from FM.
- Rush back to MapID.
- Orbis exchange quest bot.
- DK Berserk Control.
- Auto death at certain level and %.
- Hotkeys.
- Statistics for botting session.
- Packet sending & receiving, single line and packet loop option. (Packet editor add-on includes packet logging and blocking).

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Server Private Server

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