MapleRoyals Perfect Weapons/End game gear

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Seller Notes

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Comprehensive list:


18+ Att (Guaranteed 18 Att minimum) - $300
20+ Att (Guaranteed 20 Att minimum) - $400

>20 Att - Negotiation


19+ Att (Guaranteed 19 Att minimum) - $300
21+ Att (Guaranteed 21 Att minimum) - $400

>21 Att - Negotiation


20 Att - $200
21 Att - $225
22 Att - $250
23 Att - $300

>23 Att - Negotiation


Perfect Red Craven - $225
Perfect King Cent - $200
Perfect Concerto - $250
Perfect Nisrock - $200
Perfect Dragon Shiner Bow - $250
Perfect Dragon Revolver - $250
Perfect Dragon Claymore - $300
Perfect Dragon Carabella - $200
Perfect Stonetooth Sword - $250
Perfect Dragon Kanzir - $250
Perfect Dragon Purple Sleeve - $TBA
Perfect Sky Skis - $250
Perfect Dragon Slash Claw - $250
Perfect Elemental Wand X - $250
Perfect Dragon Shiner Cross - $250
Perfect Crushed Skull - $300​

Contact me to find out if I have equips on sale not listed here.

Please note that the price listed of $1 is just the smallest denomination for the unit value of the requested equipment. As equipment is custom and thus subject to a large combination of variants in stats, it is not possible to list all configurations on PixelMarket. A piece of equipment which has, for example, a $100 unit value will be requested to buy a 100x quantity of this listed product to represent the requested item. To ensure understanding, all trades will be confirmed through a type of messaging system (SKYPE/EMAIL/FORUM PM).

Disclaimer: Although bans and suspensions are extremely rare without a proper cause, there is an innate risk that cannot be removed when purchasing for MapleRoyals which may occur in the form of a permanently blocked . By purchasing from me you agree to incur those risks without me being responsible in any way and understand that there is always some risk involved.

Product Specifics

Product Type Weapon
Server Private Server

In stock

Stock Available: 999738
Tips before making a purchase:

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  • Has the developer been issuing ban waves lately?
  • Have there been any recent exploits (currency exploits, dupes, etc)?

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