Mule training full equipment set

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Seller Notes

Have you ever wanted to train your mules or link skills but you can't be bothered to gear them up or don't have the time to do so? Im here to provide the solution for you.

Service is available on Scania/Bera/Aurora/Elysium. **Some premade sets on Bera in stock**

This offer includes all the following pieces of equipment fully scrolled, 10 stars and 9% main stat (Ifia's Ring being the only exception as it can't be potentialed, but still included for the +stats and +10 Starforce) (6% ATT or MATT on WSE). More than enough to oneshot on all maps all the way up to level 200.

❃ Primary Weapon (Absolab/Fafnir/Wolf)
❃ Secondary Weapon
❃ Silver Blossom Ring
❃ Ifia Ring
❃ Pendant
❃ Earring
❃ Face Accesory
❃ Eye Accesory
❃ Belt
❃ CRA Hat
❃ CRA Top
❃ CRA Bottom
❃ Shoulder
❃ Shoes
❃ Gloves
❃ Cape

Equipment set is crafted upon request, ETA is 2 to 3 hours per set.

Level range of equipment pieces is between level 100-150

Product Specifics

Product Type Equipment Set
Server Bera

In stock

Stock Available: 70
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