Hard Darknell | NA Reboot | Fast Clear | %Max Drop Rate

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Seller Notes

Hard Darknell Includes:
☑️ Guaranteed clear
☑️ Multiples runs available always till weekly reset
☑️ Fast runs
☑️ Flexible Schedules
☑️ and more.

Contact Method -Discɵrd -> ilordks
Prices: USD Only
Payments Method: PixelMarket, PayPaI or Crypto Wallet

✔️You must be from the Reboot NA Server
✔️Your character should be at least level 255+
✔️You do not need to know many mechanics

Chance to obtain:
◻️ Arcane Umbra Weapon Box
◻️ Arcane Umbra Armor Box
◻️ Estella Earrings
◻️ Up to 16 Spark of Determination [requirement to create the entry key to Black mage (Fragment of Destiny)]

Not included
❌ Commanding Force Earring [Pitched Boss Set]
❗❗ For Sale by reservation( you should ask for availability)

⚠️ If you want to purchase Chaos Tenebris as well, the price to be applied will be according to the Bundle package.
⚠️ Check my Store to see the current prices
⚠️ Ask for the availability of the runs and items to be booked.

Product Specifics

Server Reboot NA
Service Type Bossing

In stock

Stock Available: 96
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