Boss Carry Services

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Seller Notes

- Please contact me on rdmspix (linked disc without the #0 at the end) for availability before purchasing.

- Carries are 100% legit and secure. No login required.
- Can do some practice runs (for hard bosses, Lomien+) before if needed. Also feel free to ask any questions about bosses.
- If you have any requests for services that are not in this list, msg me so we can discuss :)
- In case you need a pilot (not needed unless you can't run at the time or dont think you can survive), details will be at the end of the post

IMPORTANT: After the boss carry changes in reboot, you must be able to do 5% of the boss total hp to be elegible to receive loot at the end.
Please check if you're able to do it. If you're in doubt about the total amount of damage neeeded or have any questions, feel free to msg me on my linked disc.

Weekly Bosses

All weekly bosses will be done with 394% drop rate (maximum drop possible without drop rate on inner ability)
Fast boss runs

- Hard Lotus: $8 (Berserked and heart not included)
- Hard Damien: $8 (Eyepatch not included)
- HLotus + Hdamien Bundle: $13

- Hard Lucid: $15 (Belt not included, Twilight Mark available)
- Hard Will: $20 (Will's book and Twilight Mark available)
- Hlucid + Hwill Bundle: $32
- Hlucid + Hwill for Umbra Boxes only : 20$ (please know mechanics for this)

- Chaos Guardian Angel Slime : $20 (or 15$ + 10$ if ring drops, if you prefer)

- Chaos Gloom: $20 (Endless Terror available)
- Hard Verus Hilla: $23 (Source of Suffering and Daybreak pendants available)
- Hard Darknell (Commander Force Earrings not included) : 15$
- Chaos Gloom + Hard Verus Hilla bundle (Full Loot) : 40$
- Chaos Gloom + Hard Verus Hilla bundle + Darknell (only Darknell Earring not included) : 50$
- Chaos Gloom + Hard Verus Hilla + Hard Darknell bundle (Umbras Only) : 40$

- Black Mage : 110$ (Genesis Badge not included). Limited spots, available upon reservation. (Unlike other bosses, login is required and pilot price is included, unless you already know mechanics and can survive)

- Chaos Pierre: $3
- Chaos Von Bon: $3
- Chaos Queen: $3
- Chaos Vellum: $4
- 4 door CRA bundle: $7

- Normal Cygnus: $2
- Hard Hilla: $2
- Akechi Mitsuhide: $2
- Hard Magnus: $2
- Chaos Zakum: $2
- Chaos Pink Bean: $2
- Chaos Papulatus: $2
- Princess No: $5

These will be done with 344% droprate
- Normal Guardian Angel Slime:$6

- Normal Damien: $6
- Normal Lotus: $6
- Normal Lomien Bundle: $10

Daily Boss Carry Service List

- All drops from daily bosses are yours
- Daily bosses will be done with 324% droprate

- Hellux (Coin and Equip Loot): $3
- Hellux 7 Day Bundle (Coin and Equip Loot): $17

- Normal Arkarium: $2
- Chaos Horntail: $2
- Hard Ranmaru: $2
- Hard Von Leon: $2
Piloting Services List :

- The pilot will do the 5% damage required if your character is able to (please check beforehand and make sure guiid skills and buffs are available if needed)

Lotus + Damien : 7$
Lucid + Will : 10$
Gloom + Vhilla + Darknell : 12$
Black Mage : 10$

Product Specifics

Server Reboot NA
Service Type Other

Regular Price: $1.00

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Stock Available: 999
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