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Welcome to my completely legitimate Reboot carries. (No remote login)

*IMPORTANT*: Offering price match which means, we’ll match the price of other services and possibly drop the price a bit.

You can contact me on Disc through weoweo# 7650
Payment methods include: or PixelMarket
If purchasing off PixelMarket make sure that you put the same amount of units equivalent to price of purchase
*Example*: $10= 10 units
All Prices are in USD

- Carries are 100% legit and secure. No login required.
- Flexible scheduling for runs.
- Bosses will be cleared with: 360% from equipment + 50% from legion luck coupon + 2x from large familiar(100%) + 24% from max holy symbol + 100% base droprate. TOTAL: 634% drop rate.
- Tips will given out for the harder bosses like HLomien, Hard Lucid and Hard Will
- Add me on Disc to schedule the carries.
- Feel free to ask about any bosses that you don’t see in the list below
- Feel free to ask any questions about the game, I don't charge anything for private consulting services and will provide & event help free of charge

Weekly Boss Carry Service List
*Hard Boss Run Times are usually on the weekends*
*Up to 3 slots available every week. Will most likely try to fill up slots before runs. Arcane gear drops individually so there won’t be confusion with looting*
*Try to schedule bosses like Hard Lucid and Hard Will a week before the runs*
*Free coaching is given prior to these bosses so you know where to go and how to survive*
*Voice chat coaching included*
*One rerun is offered on first time dying out*

Hard Bosses

- Hard Lucid: $10[6-8min runs]
- Hard Will: $25 [10-20min runs] (Book is FFA if multiple people, but all yours if solo run)

*Eye Patch is free for all and Berserk is NOT included in Loot*
- Hard Damien: $10[5 min runs]
- Hard Lotus: $20[3 min runs]
- Hard Lomien Bundle: $12

- Normal Damien: $5
- Normal Lotus: $5
- Normal Lomien Bundle: $8

-Normal Guardian Angel Slime:$10
-Chaos Guardian Slime: $15

Earrings and Ring not in loot:
-Hard Darknell- $15
-Chaos Gloom- $15

*Bosses below will only include you and I in the party so all loot belong to you*

- Chaos Pierre: $2
- Chaos Von Bon: $2
- Chaos Queen: $2
- Chaos Vellum: $4
- 4 door CRA bundle: $6

- Normal Arkarium$2 (7 days for $10)
- Normal Cygnus: $3
- Hard Hilla: $2
- Hard Magnus: $3
- Chaos Zakum: $3
- Chaos Pink Bean: $2

- Chaos Papulatus: $5
- Akechi Mitsuhide: $5
- Princess No: $5

Daily Boss Carry Service List
*All Hellux runs are solo loot*

- Hellux (Coin and Equip Loot): $3
- Hellux 7 Day Bundle (Coin and Equip Loot): $10

Product Specifics

Server Reboot NA
Service Type Bossing

In stock

Stock Available: 99773
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