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Update: Limited spots available now, running out of NX. Make sure to always contact me first
IMPORTANT --- access will be required for this service / Every $30 = 100k boost

What is this service?
MVP provides your with special perks and rewards such as exp coupons, discounts, free nx/maple points, Hyper tele rock for all your chars, special medal/title, and more. I will boost your MVP status up to RED by acquiring 'NX spent points' on your .

***Every $30 will boost you by 100k***

Here are the MVP tiers and their requirement thresholds:
MVP Special Tier Amount of NX Spent Within the Last 3 Months
Silver 300,000 – 599,999 NX
Gold 600,000 – 899,999 NX
Diamond 900,000 or 1,499,999
Red 1,500,000 or more NX

For example, if you want to be boosted from no MVP status to Silver, you can purchase 3 qty which will boost you 300k points.

Detailed information please visit Nexon site:

- Requires a level 61+ character (at least 7 days old) on non-reboot server. The MVP status shares across all servers including Reboot so if you are from Reboot you can simply level up a character in a regular server.
- Your billing must be in USD. If it is in EUR or GBP there will be an additional $8 charge per quantity.

Product Specifics

Server Bera
Service Type Other

In stock

Stock Available: 9989937
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