Hobbi's boosting service

Seller Notes

Hello! I am a multi-challenger player and I would like to offer you some cheap boosting.
Prices are :
Iron IV -> Iron III 5 USD
Iron III -> Iron II 5 USD
Iron II -> Iron I 5 USD
Iron I -> Bronze IV 7 USD

Bronze IV -> Bronze III 6 USD
Bronze III -> Bronze II 6 USD
Bronze II -> Bronze I 6 USD
Bronze I -> Silver IV 10 USD

Silver IV -> Silver III 8 USD
Silver III -> Silver II 8 USD
Silver II -> Silver I 8 USD
Silver I -> Gold IV 10 USD

Gold IV -> Gold III 10 USD
Gold III -> Gold II 10 USD
Gold II -> Gold I 10 USD
Gold I -> Platinum IV 12 USD

Platinum IV -> Platinum III 16 USD
Platinum III -> Platinum II 16 USD
Platinum II -> Platinum I 16 USD
Platinum I > Diamond IV 23 USD

Diamond IV > Diamond III 42 USD
Diamond III > Diamond II 53 USD
Diamond II > Diamond I 76 USD
Diamond I > Master I 100 USD

Net wins :
Bronze 3USD/W
Silver 3,5 USD/W
Gold 4 USD/W
Platinum 5 USD/W
Diamond IV 10 USD/W
Diamond III 12 USD/W
Diamond II 15 USD/W
Diamond I 20 USD/W
Master I 30 USD/W

discord: @Hobitti#3987
Skype: Hobbi -

Product Specifics

Server EUW
Current Division I
Current Rank Challenger
Service Type Solo Queue

Availability: In stock

Unable to be purchased.
Tips before making a purchase:

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  • Has the developer been issuing ban waves lately?
  • Have there been any recent exploits (currency exploits, dupes, etc)?

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