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Best account in GMS

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Have you ever wished to be the #1 account in entire gms? having all the ground ready for you with the best untradable items?
Been #1 rank in dojo for 1.8 years in a row without any competition, nearly 100k Luk when fully equipped gear and 1B range.
6L genesis dagger

One of the best dark boss set that exist:
Cursed yellow spell book
Source of suffering - 6L - 22* - Godly flame
Dreamy belt - 6L - 22* - Godly flame
Berserked - 6L - 22* - Godly flame
Magic eyepatch - 6L - 22* - Godly flame

Best emblem and katara:
Emblem - 60% att
SW katara - 22* - 66% att
Sengoku badge (can not be achieved anymore) - 6L - 21*

additional expensive untradables:
Perm pend slot coupon
Perm hyper teleport rock
Fire starter ring
Ring of torment
3 vac pets fully scrolled (160 att combined)

additional info:
130% boss, 26% att, 15% ied from familiars!
8k legion
lvl 3 links
finished monster life

tons of rare and expensive perm nx
all the good looking face/eyes
amazing dmg skins

C.o 15k

Product Specifics

Original Email Provided No
Original Owner No
Server Bera
Level Range 260+
Account Type Main
Legitimacy Legit

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